Haiti Earthquake Relief

Global distribution of humanitarian aid Solutions for the Aid & Relief Sector

Since the early 1990’s we have been facilitating relief shipping of humanitarian aid for NGO’s, Charitable foundations, churches, governments, non-profits, and other humanitarian organizations. These relief shipments have been sent to people in need all over the world. .

Aromark Shipping was one of the first shippers assisting to get much needed relief to the citizens of Haiti after there devastating earthquake. Our 20 years of shipping experience to Haiti has given us the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the safe shipping and arrival of your relief goods to any point in Haiti.

In addition to managing the logistics of relief shipping, Aromark Shipping also provides the documentation needed for the shipments, and assistance with customs procedures such as export and import clearances.

Aromark Shipping designs and manages supply chain systems to effect the cost effective distribution of humanitarian aid through the various phases of a humanitarian assistance cycle:

  • Rapid response to disaster relief

  • Post disaster assistance

  • Long term reconstruction

For more information about humanitarian aid and the transport and shipping of relief goods, please contact Aromark Shipping.

We are happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes for procurement and logistics for all your humanitarian aid needs.


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